Top 5 best RPGs for iPhone & iPod touch

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This is my list of the top five rpg apps for the iPhone iPad and iPod touch all of them are epic and fun

5. The quest
4. Dragon sword rpg
3. Seven swords
2. Infinity blade
1. Ravensword ( pretty much like an elder scrolls game for iPhone )


  1. Thanks. i went to apple and saw infinityblade a while ago, being obsessed with rpgs and stuff like that i decided to get an iphone. i dont have one yet but i was just checking out the rpgs and other games.

  2. Those app trailer things doesnt give u a iTunes gift card !!!!! It only gives u 50 points , u need 1,000 or 10k points for that , dont even waste ur time , iTried it , (no lie) , and iOnly got 50 points , JUST DONT TRY IT _

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