Tips to improve your iPhone or iPad’s battery life in iOS 8

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We take a look at two new features in iOS 8 that can be used to extend your iPhone or iPad’s battery life.

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  1. Its impossible man , you're lying you cant use your phone 16 hours and you still have more than 50% , i see what you're doing because i have iphone 5s too , when your battery is like on 30% or 10% you put. It on charge until like 80% or 85% then you unpluged the phone and you showing your vattery usage come on man we're not stupid .

  2. What the hell? 16H of usage?! I only get 2Hours on my 5S and my stuff off
    and for those who think he charged between why isnt there any text below the usage that says that the iphone was plugged? 

  3. i only get 2-3 hours off usage time after upgrading to ios 8, i had ios 7.0.2 and i usto get 7-8 hours usage time…someone help PLEASE
    p.s my phone is new like a month old and its a 5s black 16 gig 

  4. The While Using doesn't come up in every app and if it did would be so nice. Right now my battery is dying a lot faster cause it keeps checking for location services. 

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