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Google Now’s “Topics” Feature Looked Handy â?? Too Bad Google Shut It Down
Google recently killed a newly discovered feature called Google Now Topics, which apparently wasn’t quite ready for primetime. The feature appeared to be a useful, if perhaps a little creepy, means of revisiting your past web searches performed using Google search through a visual, Google Now-like interface.

All-aluminum Nokia Lumia rumored for Verizon next month
A new report once again suggests that Verizon will be getting a classier-looking Lumia Windows Phone handset. [Read more]

Galaxy S IV-like eye-tracking tech coming to iPhone, other smartphones
Samsung’s (005930) next-generation Galaxy S IV is set to debut later this week, and it is expected to pack several exciting new features when it does. Among them will be a new eye-tracking feature that can automatically scroll content on the display as the user’s eyes near the bottom of the screen, and a feature that will pause media playback when the user’s head turns away from the phone. This will be the first time such functionality appears on a popular smartphone out of the box, but an Israel-based startup is already working to bring eye-tracking technology to popular smartphones like the iPhone and Android handsets. The New York Times on Tuesday issued a report covering uMoove, a small Israeli startup formed

Google Now starts arriving in latest Chrome, Chrome OS
It’s not usable yet by the public, but Google has begun folding its smart notification system to its browser and its Chrome OS. [Read more]

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