1. im using iphone 4s and i did jailbrk my phone, after i erase all content and settings, my phone stuck on the apple logo with little bar under the logo. ive wait about 1 hour and the bar still no moving, help me ASAP

  2. if your phone gets stuck on the apple logo with the little bar under it just plug your phone into a laptop or charge it then hold down the home button and the lock button and when it turns off it will take a couple seconds to turn back on and and then repeat another two times and it should say connect to itunes and it is fixed i just did it and it works

    i need help please i/ve been searching for weeks idont know whats the prob first i dont have portable devices second when i plug my iphone theres no sound that could tell me that is plugged in and i,ve tried another laptops another wires and i pluged it into my friends laptop it said that code error  28 or idk and when i do update it said warning msg sso i didnt do it and i dont even have that theres any device or unknown dev that pluged into my pc please i need help is that from my iphone 4 or what?and yeah i tried my sisters iphone it worked perfectly on the same pc i reallyyy need help so much :((  i tried to uninstall and install it didnt workk :(( anyone help me can i reset it would this fix my prob?

  4. what if a have jailbreak my iphone 5 and i did erse it and now it is stuck in the apple logo ?!:-( i need help do i take it to apple service in here finland. im just 13 year old boy i need to know what i do next!?:,(

  5. Hey em my phone isn't letting me FaceTime people or message them like when I FaceTime it says face time failed and when I try to message,the persons name is red and I cannot text so please comment back on how you might fix this

  6. Yaku, I did this in jailbreak and got caught in a recovery loop, but got out of it easily. How do I unjailbreak it without a computer? My iPhone can't connect to iTunes cause I dropped it and Apple won't repair it

  7. yakuzahi can u tell me what happen if i make for my iphone erase content and settengs ?? and i have a problem in my phone if iam talking on viber and using my iphone its slow and not work fast what can i do ???

  8. You need to restore it. plug into the computer hold the 2 buttons until the iPhone shut off then do DFU mode and click restore on iTunes.

  9. I have a jail broken iPhone 4 stuck on version 6.1.2 and when I try to software update it stays on spinning circle saying please wait, I wanted iOS 7 but now I can't get it, I just want to unjailbreak my iPhone 4 and get iOS 7 please help or reply if you know a solution.

  10. Basically you didn't used your Apple ID too long or its about time to check your credit card info or answer few security questions. Make sure you go into setting and safari and delete and clear the cache and the cookies and even the history and try again. I don't remember Apps store used to send me to use the safari for that.

  11. hey,for my iphone 4 i cant download anything because any time on the app store i click install,i put my apple id it would then say that the id is not yet used in the itunes store and i should click review to review the account when i click it i says go to settings click safari and then accept cookies and then "from visited…when i do i go back to the app store to install an app it says the same thing…PLS PLS PLS REPLY I REALLY NEED HELP…IT SAYS THE SAME THING WHEN ITRY TO LOG ON TO ITUNES

  12. Good that its working for you. I will let ppl knows for now to let it run out off the battery, but I just try it on my old 3gs and even when the battery died it still doing the same thing all over again after charge.

  13. Ummm, what you tolde me didnt work but I appreciate you trying to helpmme alot. I just let my ipod die out and then I charged it and then this morning I checked, it worked all of a sudden!!! I was so happy!!! Thanks for trying to help but I kind of fixed it myself!

  14. If your phone is jailbreak maybe you trying to delete apps from Cydia.

    If not try to hard reset the phone and try again, hold both buttons until you see the Apple logo and try again.

  15. I need help , i cant delete any app i havent installed ios 7 and if i reset my iphone 4s i might erase my photos and music .why cant i unistall any app and folder and other thing it dosent shown the x at top right of the app

  16. Update your iTunes first

    Try to power down the iPod, try to hold the 2 buttons if you can til it off, then hold the home button plug the USB and wait for the iTunes/USB logo, open iTunes and click on restore.

  17. But it didnt work?!?! Are you sure abiut it and is there any other way???? My itunes is not up to date on my computer is that why or what, pleaee respond asap pleaee?!?!!

  18. My ipod was jailbroken and I didnt want it anymore. So I decided to go tomsettings and reset all the contents and settings. Hopefully the jailbroke went away. But right after I done it, the apple logo appeared and disappeared and now there is a circle going around forever! I tried everything but nothing works. My power button is jammed so is there anything I can do? Please answer bacl!?!?!?!????

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