iPhone X review: The thrill is back

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With Face ID, an edge-to-edge OLED display, and wireless charging, the iPhone X is Apple’s nod to the future of smartphones.

This is it—the iPhone that longtime Apple users have been waiting for. The iPhone X brings back the thrill of the original iPhone, which was introduced 10 years ago. It breathes new life into the product line with an eye toward the future, while providing plenty of functionality for today.

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  1. it still costs 1.1k and dont come with a fast charger and they didnt use Typ-C for whatever reason

    p.s. and thanks to Apple now all flag ship phones will cost about 1k very nice thanks apple -_-

  2. The government is gonna start invading people's privacy by hacking into smartphones, and the new iPhone x doesn't help prevent that at all, the facial recognition is gonna make sure that it recognizes your face, and that the government recognizes it too… Buy protective led phone cases, it blocks the Man from penetrating into your privacy

  3. NO WAY!!! I bought the first 2 generations of Iphone, then I got smart. I currently have the Oneplus 3t, and it absolutely smokes this Iphone X! And I paid $275.00 for it from a guy on craigslist, it is the midnight black 128 gig with 6 gig ram, 20 mp optical rear camera and a perfectly brilliant hd display. No OLED needed as watching Lost episodes is as vibrant as needed, any more and i'd turn the brightness level down. Oh and it works with both my APTx Focal wireless headphones, or my wired headphones. And I have 75 gigs of memory left, after uploading music and vids I wanted to have on there. A grand for an iphone, no friggin way!

  4. I don’t know why people are crying over that notch. Why would you want a black bar instead of a extra space there and if there a black bar, time battery and all the things will come down wasting space on screen and if you don’t like notch in video just don’t zoom in it will be same as black bar you want on the first place. so please tell me what the fuck is the problem having screen there please?

  5. "Apple calls iphone….. the future of the Iphone". They do this every fucking year… OLED Display is already 6 years old technology, and apple just put it now in their phones and asks you to pay over 1k for the phone. I mean, you have to be a complete idiot to pay that price. Especially when One Plus T offers same technology for 500 dollars.

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