iPhone X Long Term Review 2018

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iPhone X Long Term Review 2018

Now this is the iPhone x, definitely the most hyped phone of the year 2017. Its a phone that apple says is the best yet but doesn’t seem to be the one which deserves more than a 1000 us dollars.

Apple iPhone X Face ID Fail

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  1. "The fact that Apple have gone completely stubborn with their products and have probably taken a pledge to not listen to their customers bothers me a fair bit." Can you be more specific as this is a pretty large statement but isn't really backed up by the review that follows it. Your only real criticism that would fit this is notifications and, maybe, the included charger? Other than that, you seem to really like it, except for the notch, but that's a new design element and isn't really 'taking a pledge not to listen to their customers."

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