How to search for a file on your iphone

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How to search your iphone for files.

If you are a windows user and have an iphone you may from time to time want to search your

entire iphone to find files saved by third party application developers.

In order to find files on your iphone you will need to download the following:

1. Total Commander –

2. Total Commander (Plugin T-Pot) – or

This video will show you step by step how to download, install and use these applications to find files on your iphone.

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  1. I've been using T-Pot for Total Commander for years to hack my iPhone. I should point out that only the 32Bit Total Commander works. There is not 64bit T-Pot yet. T-Pot is also free and it reads any Jail Broken iPhone, not matter what operating system it has on it.

  2. @REGRETAM1N Hi Joe, the file directory structure for the iPhone is different than a standard PC based file directory. For example your MP3 files you have stored on your iPhone will not have the same name during your search. The good news is that you found the wav files on your device, next step is to figure out which is the right file. You can do this by date or just copying the files to your computer and playing them.

  3. Hi Kevin, putting the astrix in before the .wav brought up a few results but unfortunately only got music tracks. The file is being displayed in Sleep Recorder as "SleepRecorder_003.wav".
    It's not the end of the world of I can't transfer this file but it's just something that's really bugging me because it's beating me! Thanks for your help all the same.

  4. @gertlover It is more firmware restrictions that is messing this feature up. It does work with version 2.2 (5g77) firmware, other than that you will need to conduct your own tests. If it works for you please drop a comment and let us know what firmware version you have. All the best, Kevin

  5. @manow05 I did some research and it maybe related to your firmware upgrade. Apple seems to have blocked access to viewing it's directory. Do a keyword search for your error above and you should find the same information about this error maybe being related to an Apple firmware issue.

  6. This is a two year old video but the best and only one I've seen that gives a clear way to search for iphone files. I have an ipod 4g and can use all kinds of programs to view and drag/drop files but none, until I saw this video, told me how to do a search. Thanks. Now all I have to do is close down my mac and open it again in windows to try this out. Thanks once more

  7. @TheNinjaTako You just need to browse to the folder that has your photos, then select all the photos and drag and drop them onto a folder on your pc. It works very similar to how you would drag and drop files into an ftp server. All the best, Kevin

  8. @10KewlPerson10 I searched Google for keywords "what are the extension for iphone notepad files" and got a hit to a site that might help. However, YouTube will not permit the url to be pasted here.

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  9. Can you please help me. after I updated my phone I lost all my notes. I found a way to get all my music and videos back but i still cannot get my notes back. I went to my back up files and it was a lot of files with gibberish names. will I ever get my notes back? PLEASE REPLY.

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