How to Jailbreak 4.2.1 iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad + Verizon iPhone! (Untethered)

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– works with ALL devices, except iPhone 3G. use redsn0w for that.
– if you have an unlocked iphone 4, DO NOT UPDATE YET.
– will this delete my music and apps? – no.
– if you hav any issues when jailbreaking hold the home and power buttons on your device until it reboots.
– if your anti-virus detects that greenpois0n is a virus turn it off and then do this jailbreak. its safe, i promise.

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  1. hello ty it's not working everytime I try that its always says TRY AGAIN everytime I follow the steps when its finish and im still holding the home button its always says TRY AGAIN please..please..please help me….

  2. Mine DID NOT WORK! Please help me! I put it into DFU mode and followed all your steps! the greenpoisi0n logo is coming up then when my iPod comes on and I slide to unlock theres no Leader app there!

  3. How come everytime i do that, my Ipod disconnects for my PC and it says the USB port malfunctioned, i tried the other 2 ports and it was the same result, please help me

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