How to fix : Apple Watch can not connect to iPhone 6 iOS8.4

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After tap the “i” icon on Apple Watch , corresponding name don’t show in the list of iPhone Watch app .
I installed Watch OS 2 on my Apple Watch a few days after WWDC. Since then the experience of using the Watch was a complete nightmare. I have had many problems including contacts not syncing via my iPhone, not receiving notifications, home screen freezing , the watch running warm against my skin, and worst of all poor battery life. My watch only seem to last 4 hours on a single charge ever since the beta was installed. Even though Apple has not documented a way to downgrade. I decided to try to figure out a solution on my own. I tried many things like downgrading my iPhone to iOS 8.3 to see if I could force a downgrade, nothing happened. I even tried resetting the watch back to factory settings and setting up as a new watch, still nothing happened. The Apple watch app even showed me an alert saying that my iOS was out of date to use the watch. As a final resort i reupgraded my iPhone to iOS 9 just to get the Watch paired up to use, until the next beta or until somebody figured out how to downgrade. After I installed iOS 9 again I noticed the Watch would not pair to my phone using the camera, then I tried the manual pairing options and nothing happened, and no watches were showing in range. From there I tried a bunch of troubleshooting solutions like restarting the phone, the Watch app and turning on and off Bluetooth and nothing seem to fix it.


  1. Hey I'm on IOS 10.2.1 and everytime I press "Start Pairing" it brings up the same "get connected" screen and I'm connected to a cellular network and bluetooth.
    Help pls I just got the apple watch and its frustrating

  2. any way to bypass apple watch activation lock so I could pair it to my iPhone? I bought a damn stolen watch and it wont go pass the activation lock part
    I beg for help man cause I never do bad business. when I call back the person, they said they have no idea what I am talking about. Anything would help man! PLEASE!!!!

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