Best (and worst) iPhone 8 and 8 Plus features! Should you buy it?

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  1. You forgot that the 8+ is noticeably heavier than the 7+. Most reviewers never mention this but how it feels in your hand may be different than how it feels in your pocket after a long day.

  2. Nice video! I just got my iPhone 8 Plus on Saturday – amazing! I couldn't be happier. I'm not ready to give up the Home Button. I'll wait 3+ years – at least until I upgrade again. With the ridiculous camera and video capabilities and over 200 gigs of remaining storage, I'm set.

  3. Or wait and pay 1399.99 for the iPhone x with an ugly display cut out that still can not watch QHD 1440P content. But you can turn yourself into a talking piece of poop ? and a ? chicken at least…

  4. Im have been using iPhone 6 16gb for almost 3years and due to my lack of storage I have been waiting for iPhone8…. should I buy it?? Im quite sad that there is only small change in design from iPhone6…….??

  5. Looking at the 8 with the slow sync flash is so much better. Sure the X is coming. Isn’t that just the 8 with a larger Oled screen, the plus lenses and bigger battery. Otherwise the 8 is still pretty good with the old screen and true tone, just when you compare with what android offers this year it pales in screen. Otherwise speed wise it’s more computer than phone. And we might expect next year the 9 will have no home button, we will see how the Xperiment goes. Last year to get Touch ID

  6. Great review Jeff! The 5w charger still, SMDH. I'm going to wait for the X as I prefer the smaller form factor while maintaining the large (larger actually) screen of the Plus as well as the dual camera features. My wife however is entirely about the 8 Plus for no other reason than the Gold finish. I imagine the lack of Gold on the X is down to anticipated supply issues and will debut down the line.

  7. Seriously man, do your videos at 30fps, most videos are 30, and when your doing video quality comparisons like in this video it’s jerky jerky jerky as 24fps doesn’t go into 30, 60.

  8. If you cannot afford iPhone X, you still get the following new features with iPhone 8:

    New base storage (64 GB), Bluetooth 5.0, Dolby Vision & HDR 10, True Tone, 4K 60fps & 1080p 240fps, Stage light, Slow sync flash, CPU & GPU, Wireless charging & Fast charging.

  9. Waiting to see if they do any offers on the 8. Got my 7 for free so if they do a similar deal in a few months I will upgrade and let my son have my 7. Only thing I am not too thrilled about is the glass back. I understand why they did it but I do not care about wireless charging, I would rather have a phone that is less likely to break. I really wish they would bring out a phone that you don't need a case for but I doubt that is going to happen anytime soon.

  10. I upgraded from the 6 to the 8 plus and I’m liking it and it’s a big upgrade! But if I’m coming from the 7 plus I would of waited for the X maybe, or just kept the 7 plus for another year.

  11. Right now I have the Samsung s8 plus and I just want an iPhone on the side. Debating wether getting the iPhone 7 128gb for 649 or the 8 for 256gb for 849. I also own an iPad Pro 9.7 inch with 256gb

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