Apartment and Real Estate iPhone Complete App xCode

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Apartment and Real Estate iPhone Complete App xCode Project

This package includes all source codes and sample data to run the project out of the box.

Showcase of how our iPhone Template works and how you can use this template to jump start your projects.


* High Quality Professional Designs
* Full Native xCode Project
* Easy to Update and Customize
* All iPhone Resolutions
* ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) Implementation to Prevent Memory Leaks
* Storyboard
* Gallery View
* List View
* Map View
* Local or Web-based Data Source
* XML Data = Human Understandable
* Sample XML Data Available
* Detailed Video Tutorials on How to Update and Manage xCode Project
* Icon Maker (PSD)
* Splash Pagemaker (PSD)
* Call Phone Trigger
* 5 Tabs for Maximum Page Navigation
* One Config File to Control Themes and Data Sources

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