3 iPhone Tricks You Didn’t Know

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If you just got the new red iPhone 7 you are probably looking for some secret buttons. I’m here to show you 3 hidden secrets.
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I love my iPhone but there are lots of things I don’t know about iOS. I checked out some cool secrets I didn’t know so I could show them off to you! I wish I could Jailbreak my phone… should I do one of these videos for Android and the Samsung Galaxy S8?


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if u see this tweet to @qwertyoruiopz….. “happy birthday plz jailbreak 4 @techsmartt”


  1. The 3rd tip can be used on ({[ANDROID]}) if you have the music add-on built in your phone or the gadget or widget built in or you can just get one of google play

  2. I already know all of the tips. But did you know that if you hold on the left side of the screen and wait a few seconds it's gonna show all of the apps that you were just in. Or not.

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