10 Lessons Learned Recording an EP in Garage Band on iPhone

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Check out my new EP “Recoil” at the links below:
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In this video, I go through the top 10 tips I have for recording a song, EP or album in Garage Band on the iPhone.

These tips are all from the recording of my new EP “Recoil” which is available now.

Keep an eye out for more videos coming soon where I will deconstruct each of the four tracks and show how they were recorded and edited.


  1. Hi Pete, this is a great vid. Thanks!! I have a question. I am almost done tracking instruments for my EP that I'm recording in Garageband on my iPad. I haven't messed around with any EQ settings yet and all of my tracks thus far sounds incredible. I am using Positive Grid mastering app to listen to my tracks after I record them and the presets within that app automatically apply EQ to the overall mix. If that's the case do I really need to EQ each individual track? If I sent you a track I'm sure you would think it sounds amazing and wouldn't even know that I haven't even EQ'd any track. I'm not sure if this is frowned upon or if it sounds good it sounds good. Also I am using the session drummer for all of my tracks. I noticed that those drums are very loud but with just the right amount of reverb and know exactly how to set the drums during the quiet moments I think it's an incredible alternative than programming drums. Your thoughts?

  2. hey my name is ankush kumar itf and i am from india i want to know that which mic or headset you will conect you i phone to record your song in garageband ! becouse my voice is not hd in headphone so pls help me and answer mr??

  3. Thank you very much for this video. The EP sounds amazing, I wonder how did you set up to record vocals. I actually have the usb mic from ik multimedia which sounds good, but maybe you have some tips that could help. I am looking forward to the deconstruction video as I want to record new songs in the future using only my ipad (i.e. Garageband or Korg Gadget and sending the mixdown to a master engineer). Again, thank you

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